Brimfield Flea Market Humor By J. Stinger

Brimfield Flea Market Humor CartoonsBrimfield Flea Market Humor By J. Stinger

For the past several years when John Stinger is not painting beautiful landscapes, John sells monthly cartoons to a variety of magazines and publications that serve the growing vintage, antiques, art and collectibles market segment- an area where he has considerable expertise as a collector and dealer for over thirty years. He calls the cartoons, “Stinger’s Collecting Classics” © and will feature one a month on his web site for the fun and entertainment of his clients and visitors, who usually stop by to see his latest landscape paintings.

Brimfield Flea Market Humor By J. Stinger Details: “Collecting Classics” © by John Stinger is a monthly single panel gag cartoon that appears in a number of national and regional publications serving the antiques, vintage and collectibles markets.

Uses: Publications, newspapers, magazines, web sites, newsletters, announcements, ads, brochures and other promotional materials.

Source: Each Stinger cartoon is written and produced by him based upon his 40 years of experience as a nationally syndicated cartoonist, corporate communications executive, antique dealer, art collector and book author.

For more information call 908-319-8957 or

Brimfield Flea Market Humor By J. Stinger “Collecting Classics” © by John Stinger or for individual hand signed framed prints of any cartoon, please call for pricing.

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