The Hand-Painted Photographs of Charles Henry Sawyer




by Carol Begley Gray, Michael Ivankovich, John Peters
Publisher: Treasure Press, 2002
Condition: Gently used
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The fine art of Hand-Painted photography by New England’s favorite son photographer, Charles Henry Sawyer (1868-1954), is well presented in this biography. Twelve beautiful color plates, and numerous black and white images, are included in this book. Born in Norridgewock, Maine, in 1868, Charles Henry Sawyer began his art career as a portrait artist, painter, and photographer in Providence, Rhode Island.

In the late 1890s, he worked as a pencil artist for the New York Tribune and as a photographer and painter with Wallace Nutting, the best-known painter of black and white photographs. The book chronicles the development of photography, beginning with black and white Daguerreotypes in 1839 through the introduction of color film in the mid-1930s. The painting of black and white photographs was done to correct errors in the print; to change the composition of the print; but primarily, to add color to otherwise black and white images. This volume includes an updated value guide.

The Hand-Painted Photographs of Charles Henry Sawyer


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