The Collectible Maxfield Parrish




by William Holland (Author), Douglas Congdon-Martin (Author)
Hardcover: 203 pages
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing; First Edition edition (July 1, 2007)
Condition: New. Book jacket has slight wear from handling.
Price: $39.95 with Free Shipping

Maxfield Parrish was one of the rare artists whose work was immensely popular during his own lifetime. His brilliant use of color, attention to detail, and flights of fancy enchanted the public. His images were used to illustrate books and magazines, advertise products, grace calendars, and adorn walls.

The Collectible Maxfield Parrish presents the great wealth and beauty of Maxfield Parrish’s work in beautiful full-color images. This new book is focused on those items that are available in the market place and can be collected by the average person with a little diligence and investment of time and money. This is an essential reference for Parrish collectors and for any one who has an interest in the development of the illustrator’s art in America.


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