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  1. I am planning a road trip for a group of ladies from our Church for Sept. 8 in the am. We will be traveling to your site from West Haven, CT. I was wondering if you could tell me since we are just spending the day, what would be the best place to start so that the ladies could really get a good experience with flea market items? I’m hoping that opening day won’t be too busy since it is a Tuesday, but if you think another time would be better, please advise. Thanks – Blessings – Nanci

    • Hi Nanci,
      Everyday is busy in September Brimfield. Tuesday is a great day to go with lots of fresh merchandise and most likely good weather. There is always room for more shoppers. You might want to start by shopping at the fields in the middle of town first and be sure to head to the west end of town to the two one day shows, Dealers Choice and Brimfield Acres that open at 11 and 1 . Have fun!

  2. Wondering how I could advertise in your news letter, the web site or at the flea market.

    Thank you

    Chet Ardolino 413-221-0310

    • Hi Chet, Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ll give you a call this coming week and explain the options.
      Thanks for your interest!

    • Sorry for the very delayed reply. By now you probably know that the shows open very early. Some have later opening times for their particular field.

  3. I am interested in buying an vintage ethnic tribal design poncno from you could you tell me how to get one I love the indian ponchos I collect them could you e-mail me and let me know the info on how to get a poncho thankyou from terese

  4. Hello,

    My business is South County Crepes and Wraps, a mobile kitchen. I am interested in participating in your shows. Do you permit food concessionaires?

    Thank you,

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